Our Story


The mission of the Clownfish Swim Club is to provide a swim team environment for children and young adults with disabilities.  Our goal is to promote healthy advancement through physical, social, emotional, recreational and cognitive development.  Our emphasis is on a sense of play as well as competitive spirit and we hope to maintain spontaneous and semi-structured activities essential for children.


Clownfish Main Team

We have practices every Saturday 3:45pm-5:00pm. Clownfish gets into the pool at 4:00 and we hold a 5-10min meeting before that. The sessions run 10 week long and each costs $130 except Mini May which is 3 weeks long and costs $39. 

Summer Practice

We also have a summer program from mid-June till end of July. Practices are 2 times a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, 7-8:00pm. We have 2 summer sessions, which are 7 practice long and costs $91.

Clownfish Camp Sunny!

After the summer program, we have a summer camp - Camp Sunny - which will start the Wednesday after our last summer swim day in July.  The camp is 2 days on the 1st Wednesday and Friday of August and costs $100.  

Clownfish Pre-Team

Clownfish is starting a new pre-team program. We have been working hard to create a strong and trained volunteer base and with the capacity we reached this year, Clownfish can now offer this new program. The program is set up in 4-week sessions in which each swimmer will be working with a volunteer on one-on-one basis to get up to the skill level to join the main team and program.

- The hours are the same as the main practice, Saturdays 4:00pm-5:00pm, (meeting at 3:45pm) so that your swimmer will get to interact with the whole team. 

- Pre-team will be using the smaller 4-lane pool which is not only warmer but also quieter than the main pools that we like for teaching new skills. 

- We have limited spots available and we may be adding more sessions on a rolling basis depending on availability all the way to the end of our last session in May so please make your application either directly by replying this email to me or through our website too:   https://www.clownfishswimclub.com/join-us    

- We will fill the available spots on a first come first serve basis.

- For the brand new applicants we'll first ask you to come and monitor a practice and have an assessment done on the same day after the practice at 5:00pm. (Assessments generally take 10-15 minutes and cost $25)  This assessment will determine for us if your swimmer is ready for the main Clownfish team or they should start with pre-team program. If you already have an assessment done with us and we have the records, we will contact with you about the next steps to take for the pre-team.

- We'll be keeping the cost/practice in-line for the pre-team as the main team. Pre-team subscription will be $60 for 4-week sessions until the graduation of the program to the main team - $15 for each 1-hour practice.